APSTJ Global Education Seminar 2019-1st

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APSTJ Global Education Seminar 2019-1st


Time and Venue

  • Date: July 30, 2019 (Tue) 13:00~18:00 (Reception: 18:00~20:00)
  • Venue: Tokushima University
  • Room: Studio Plaza, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokushima University Kuramoto Campus
  • Address: 3-18-15, Kuramoto-cho, Tokushima 770-8503, JAPAN
  • URL: https://www.tokushima-u.ac.jp/hbs/english/


13:00–13:10 Opening Remarks (Dr. Masanori Tachikawa)
Invited Lectures (20 min talk + 5 min discussion)

Taro Shimizu (Tokushima University, Assistant Professor)

Combination of liposomal oxaliplatin enhanced the therapeutic effect of cancer vaccine via modulation of tumor immune microenvironment


Tatsuya Fukuta (Tokushima University, Assistant Professor)

Development of drug delivery systems to overcome the blood-brain barrier around the region of ischemic stroke


Hasan Md Mahadi (Tokushima University, Postdoctral Research Fellow)

Mechanistic study of low electricity mediated cytoplasmic drug delivery

14:25–14:40 Break

Masachika Fujiyoshi (Okayama University, Associate Professor)

Toward clinical implementation of UGT1A4 activity-based approach for the prediction of lamotrigine clearance


Mayumi Ikeda (Tokushima University, PhD student)

Functional Elucidation of Polysulfide in Biological Fluids and Therapeutic Application

15:30–15:45 Break
Student Talks (3 min talk on your research)
15:45–16:15 TBD
16:15–16:25 Break
Educational Lecture (30 min talk + 5 min discussion)
16:25–17:00 TBD
Plenary Lecture (40 min talk + 5 min discussion)

Hideto Takahashi (Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), Canada, Associate Research Professor)

Balance is important for neuronal activity and research activity

17:45–18:00 Closing Remarks (Dr. Keiichi Motoyama)
18:00–20:00 Mixer (Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokushima University)


  • Registration fees: Regular – ¥ 3,000 (Student – Free)(On-site payment, cash only)
  • Application: If you would like us to register, please provide the following information by e-mail;
    1) Name, 2) Affiliation, 3) Title, 4) E-mail, 5) Tel, 6) Reception (Y/N).
  • Contact: Masanori Tachikawa
  • E-mail: tachik-dds [at] umin.ac.jp
    Please replace “[at]” with @