About Us

Our Mission

The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (APSTJ) purports to contribute to the progress in pharmaceutics and aid in the dissemination of related information, thus playing a vital role in the advancement of sciences, technology, and culture. Through studies of the pharmaceutical sciences, safe, effective, and easy-to-use pharmaceutical products are designed so that the public may be assured of a healthy life. The Academy is composed of individuals and organizations involved in the modern pharmaceutics, such as pharmacists, researchers, technologists, and those in industry, academia, and governmental agencies.


  • The APSTJ Annual Meeting, Conference on Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Symposium on Medical Packaging, Mini Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy
  • Extension Lecture on the Medicine and Medicinal Treatment (irregular)
  • Publication of “Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan” (four times annually)
  • The official international journal: “Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology” published by Editions de Santes, France (four times annually)
  • Several committees (Vision Committees, International Committees etc.),
  • Planning and co-organizing of International Symposiums
  • Awards (The APSTJ Award for Young Scientists, The APSTJ Research Achievement Award in Pharmaceutics, The APSTJ Takeru & Aya Higuchi Memorial Prize, JAPAN, The APSTJ Takeru & Aya Memorial Lectureship Award, The Asahi Kasei Young Investigator Award, The APSTJ Nagai International Woman Scientist Award, The APSTJ Innovative Drug Delivery Research Grand Award, The Outstanding Paper Award, The Annual Meeting Presentation Award and The Post-Doctoral Presentation Award and The APSTJ Award)
  • Invitation to prize contest of manuscripts on “Medicine and Health Week” for undergraduate students learning in schools of Pharmacy.
  • Open Civic Lecture

What’s Pharmaceutics

A discipline in which methods are studied to apply physiologically active substances to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases of man, it is divided into the following two areas: (1) to develop formulations of drugs that are most appropriate to assure safety and efficacy for man; and (2) to take actions so that these formulations can be applied in the most appropriate manner. Thus one may conclude that the modern pharmaceutics are the theories upon which drugs may be applied to provide safe, efficacious, and easy-to-use drugs.


The APSTJ was established in 1985 for the purpose of contributing to the progress in the pharmaceutics and the dissemination of related information, thus playing a vital role in the advancement of science, technology and culture. Since its inception, the Academy has endeavored to publish and distribute widely the results of research by hosting academic meetings (e.g., seminars on drug formulations); issuing an academic journal, “Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (JPSTJ)” and a newsletter, “Life and Medicine” (combined with “JPSTJ” in 2003), and establishing STP Pharma Science Journal (renamed in 2004 to the “Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (JDDST)”) as our official English journal with the cooperation of Editions de Santes of France in 2003. In addition, the Academy made a substantial contribution to raise the academic level in this discipline by offering awards and prizes for research achievements so that those in medical practice may be aided with supplies of high quality pharmaceutical products.

Furthermore, the Academy hosted a number of seminars for the general public to educate citizens and disseminate pharmacological information. While founding a research system concerned with the application of drugs, this organization contributed to pre- and post-graduate pharmaceutical education by inviting pharmaceutical students to submit their treatises by offering various prizes and establishing scholarships for graduate students (with the support of the Nagai Foundation Tokyo for International Exchange in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Current developments make it necessary to dissolve APSTJ, a voluntary organization, on September 26, 2005, and reorganize it as a corporation bearing the same name so that it may better serve society and continue to promote academic activities.


The modern pharmaceutics have recently made dramatic progress in Japan and have now attained an internationally recognized level. In 1988, shortly after its foundation, the Academy joined the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) as a regular member; and in 1993, it participated in the planning and operation of the academic areas of the international pharmaceutical congress that was held in Tokyo. At the 2000 World Pharmaceutical Congress of FIP that was held in San Francisco in April of that year, this Academy, in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, organized and cooperated in the management of a domestic preparatory committee: the Academy won high international acclaim for their efforts. The chairman of this Academy served as vice chairman of the FIP and the chairman of the committee of the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences in charge of planning and management of scientific research activities. In June 2004, the Second World Congress for the Pharmaceutical Sciences was held under his leadership in Kyoto. The meeting was a resounding success with 2,200 representing 46 countries in attendance. These achievements substantiated the academic level, international prestige, and operational capabilities of the APSTJ.

(Partial modification of the prospectus for the APSTJ dated September 2005)


Board Members

Tetsuya Ozeki Nagoya City University President
Hiroyuki Kusuhara The University of Tokyo Vice President
Makoto Fukuta Spera Pharma, Inc.  
Kentaro Kogure Tokushima University  
Makiya Nishikawa Tokyo University of Science  
Mariko Takeda Kobe Gakuin University  
Etsuo Yonemochi Hoshi University  
Hirokazu Okamoto Meijo University  
Tatsuhiro Ishida Tokushima University  
Yoshimichi Sai Kanazawa University Hospital  
Fumiyoshi Yamashita Kyoto University  
Ikumi Tamai Kanazawa University Auditor
Akira Yamamoto Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Auditor
Tsuneji Nagai The Nagai Foundation Tokyo Honorary President
Kunikazu Moribe Chiba University Past President
Ryoji Konishi Kagawa University Adviser
Takashi Sonobe Community Innovation Partnership Adviser
Saori Yagi The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan Secretary General