APSTJ Global Education Seminar 2018-1st: 2018/12/20

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Time and Venue

  • Date: December 20, 2018 (Thu) 13:00~17:00 (Reception: 17:00~19:00)
  • Venue: Nagoya City University
  • Room: Senji Miyata Memorial Hall (1st floor, Lecture and Library Building, Tanabe-dori Campus)
  • Address: 3-1 Tanabe-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8603, Japan
  • URL: https://www.nagoya-cu.ac.jp/english/index.html


13:00–13:05 Opening Remarks (Keiichi Motoyama PhD)
Research presentation(15 min  talk + 10 min discussion / 25 min talk + 15 min discussion)
■Chair:Atsushi Kambayashi (Astellas Pharma Inc.)
13:05–13:30 Moeko Taki (Pfizer Japan Inc.)

My experience in Sydney and global company

13:30–13:55 Nobuhiro Matsubara (Aichi Gakuin University, PhD student)

Design of polymeric nano-carriers on drug delivery system for treatment of biofilm infection disease

13:55–14:35 Tomoya Yasujima PhD(Nagoya City University, Lecturer)

Role of Equilibrative Nucleobase Transporter 1 in a Suicide Gene Therapy Using Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase with Ganciclovir

14:35–14:50 Break
■Chair:Tatsuaki Tagami (Nagoya City University)
14:50–15:15 Jiaqian Ma (Nagoya City University, International student)

My Education Experience in China and Japan

15:15–15:55 Atsushi Kambayashi PhD(Astellas Pharma Inc.)

Biopharmaceutics Research in Pharmaceutical Industry

15:55–16:10 Break
Invited Lecture (30 min talk + 15 min discussion)
16:10–16:55 Chika Takai PhD(Gifu University, Assistant Professor)

My (research) experience in Switzerland

16:55–17:00 Closing Remarks (Keiichi Motoyama PhD)
17:00–19:00 Mixer (Cafeteria, Tanabe-dori Campus)


  • Registration fees: Regular – ¥ 3,000 (Student – Free)(On-site payment, cash only)
  • Application: If you would like us to register, please provide the following information by e-mail;
    1) Name, 2) Affiliation, 3) Title, 4) E-mail, 5) Tel, 6) Reception (Y/N).
  • Contact: Tatsuaki Tagami
  • E-mail: tagami@phar.nagoya-cu.ac.jp